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Trick To Get Curved Fingers For Piano Playing

No matter who you learn playing the piano from in Singapore, your teacher will definitely teach you that having curved fingers while playing is absolutely crucial. This is one of the biggest fundamentals when it comes to playing, and thus you need to master this.

However, it can be very difficult to play with curved fingers if you are too young. This is because your fingers may not necessarily have the strength, and you may also be required to flatten your fingers to play large octaves. This is also difficult if you are an adult with no piano experience.

It is very important to play the piano with curved fingers if you want to play professionally, pass the ABRSM graded examinations with ease or simply make the songs you play sound absolutely amazing.

Check out the following video for tricks on how to play the piano with curved fingers – especially if you are still young and have weak fingers or you are an adult with no prior piano playing experience.